Leslie Wagner Art

As an exploration of impermanence and interconnectedness, my work concerns the body, disintegration, entropy and present-moment awarenes. The Hand Symphonies consider overlaps of marks, each repetitive, drawing around my hand and integrating action, cause and effect, These are also connected to the liminal moment of creation; at the threshold where dreams and reality begin to intersperse.
The paintings in oil also evoke these considerations; dispersed is material, content, and light. The works are made up of tiny circles, residues left from a variety of pigments, binders, and evaporation. Scratching at the surface reveals the growth memory of the work and disperses visual history.
By creating ambiguities in perception through these actions, manifested is a record of the process of living, making choices, considering beauty and decay. Tthe simple journey that is called Life, unfolds and is interdependent with all of Nature; it is a great and inspiring mystery to me.