Leslie Wagner Art

Leslie Wagner's creative process is an exploration of impermanence and interconnectedness, concerning mind-body association, disintegration and present-moment awareness. Her interests in zen and archetypal psychology brought her to study where dreams and waking begin to coincide. The dispersive quality of these liminal moments is expressed in repetitive overlapping hand marks, integrating action through experimenting with repelling paints and including metaphoric imagery. The watercolor works on paper are made of circles which are drawn by hand and filled; the oil works are also made up of circles, yet are poured and evaporate to leave empty residues from a variety of binders. These two processes seek to reflect what is below the threshold of consciousness, as in dreams, and how that echoes through the activity of waking life. Leslie Wagner has been exhibiting since 1991. She graduated from Parsons School of Design in New York City, and studied at Parsons in Paris. Leslie Wagner was awarded a Scholarship to the Footpaths Artist Residency in the Azore Islands, received a Fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center, was included in the Sweetcake Enso exhibition that traveled through the USA and most recently has received two Hemera Contemplative Practice Tending Artists Fellowships in 2017 and 2018.