Leslie Wagner Art
Spines and Spirals
Being Present drawings: Spines and Spirals

Meditation is about being present; in the body, accepting this very moment as it is. My Zen practice influences all my artwork.

In the Spines and Spirals drawings, I begin with the breath and “centering” Then to drawing the first lines or ”spines”; this anchors or places me with the breath of the activity.
My surroundings (i.e. sounds, scents, wind on the skin) are experienced and expressed in concurrence. This moment to moment drawing manifests in spirals (as the feeling of my body in space) and as “intensity” in the motion of the pencil; water is used to “echo” spatial historical dimension as I work. These drawings are vestiges of passages of time.

As when meditating, thoughts come in and go out; the “flavor” of emotions experienced coincide with certain color choices. My wide-ranging palette also manifests memories that flow and pass through the activity.

Letting go of the moment becomes as important as receiving the moment.

- Leslie Joren Wagner
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