Leslie Wagner Art
My work is an exploration of impermanence, life, death, and the direct experience of each moment.

Most of my work concerns, time, the body, and paint dissolving. In drawing there is a direct contact with immediate time. When painting, I disperse material, content, and light. The works are made up of tiny circles, residues left from a variety of pigments, binders, and evaporation. Scratching at the surface reveals the growth memory of the work and further disperses visual history.

My watercolor drawings investigate space, harmony, and interdependence.The use of drawing around my hand is a form of meditation as well as signature.
It is utterly ordinary to use one's hands, and at the same time, i've found myself ignoring my hands or using them unproductively. In ancient cave paintings, a mythic power exudes from handmarks made by the people who created them. This power resonates with ideas of intention, possessiveness, or determination. The abilities in my hands, power, and personal responsibility are a contemplation for me. it seems to take a long time to create and a brief moment to destroy.

By creating ambiguities in perception and practicing present moment awareness, manifested is a record of the process of living, making choices, taking action, beauty, and decay. The simple journey that is called Life, is a great and inspiring mystery to me.