Leslie Wagner Art
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Painting 1999-2000
In 1999 I had an accident; the 4 muscle groups in my right rotator cuff were damaged. I thought I’d never paint again. I couldn’t click a mouse, twist the cap off a tube of paint, let alone stir. After 9 months of despair, I decided to try using my left hand to spatter, roll rags, and squeeze my hand into a fist, splash and roll with a paint roller. I used my chemistry knowledge of solvents and acrylic paints to begin. It became apparent that using my left hand connected to the right side of my brain; I developed an entirely new palette preference. Then I had a dream about snowflakes. My friend Ron Nemec (the Architect) told me about Ukichiro Nakaya, the scientist who is credited with creating snow crystals in the laboratory. I began to research this. I was attracted to the ephemeral ness of snowflakes; the simpatico between the briefness of everything evoked in boundless unique identities, the same with every place person and object. How limitless! That is how I began the abstractions that I am still engaged in today. Through physical therapy I regained the use of my right arm; but I was still interested in abstractions. I am now re-engaging representation.