Leslie Wagner Art
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Painting 1990's
These paintings are about love and how intimacy, desire, fantasy and addiction express themselves through the Body. Delving into the psychology of love; I juxtaposed images of food and objects, with the figure. These symbols explore objectification and hint at surrealistic dreams of hunger or nourishment.
Love objects can be bitten, skewered, poked; they are sweet, savory, nourishing and poisonous. They are useful and decorative; ignored and manipulated. Though the subject matter may be romanticized, there is the subtlety of holding the breath; these are moments that have past, memories brought to the surface for fantasizing about. The bright palette of rainbow colors reflects the numerous unique perspectives of love. Some of the content which is investigated: the shock of rejection, the perverse satisfaction of unrequited love, forms of abandonment (including abandon), self- love and hate, and child abuse. In these works I sought to dissipate fear and longing for things to be other than how they are. I believe hate is caused by fear. It is a poison to the system which, at the same time, brings revelation to the mind; in so doing, it is a great teacher and an enemy that cannot be ignored when encountered.